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Allzyme Plus: Creating Healthy Digestion and Gut Flora for Your Horse

Creating Healthy Digestion and Gut Flora for Your Horse  – as well as in humans, is a big topic right now. And rightfully so! There are many benefits to a healthy gut flora, which is where our Allzyme Plus comes in to help your horse thrive.

Allzyme Plus Explained

Allzyme Plus for horses - creating healthy digestion and gut flora

Our Allzyme Plus includes digestive enzymes that aid in a healthy gut flora while also improving feed utilization.

As described on our product page:

Solid state fermentation (SSF) is a method that produces a strain of Aspergillus niger, which has been found to be beneficial to animals, when maintained in the correct balance within the gastrointestinal tract. For probiotic purposes, Aspergillus niger can help to restore and re-stabilize the micro flora in the gastrointestinal tract. Supports healthy immune system, gut flora, promotes digestion and nutrient absorption. Can also combat pathogenic bacteria, and improve overall metabolism. Also allows for more nutrients including amino acids, calcium and phosphorus to be available, and thus allows for better feed utilization.

The Importance of Healthy Digestion and Gut Flora for Your Horse

The microbiome, which makes up the gut flora, is a complex system in both humans and animals.

As discussed on

Humans and animals have a unique set of diverse microorganisms, an individual fingerprint. The complex and multi-levelled interactions between these resident microorganisms with respect to disease risks, health preservation, immunity and therapeutic possibilities are currently expanding research fields in both, human– and veterinary medicine. 

It is research that is truly helping horses and humans alike, and our Allzyme Plus is specific for equine diets – stimulating good bacteria and improving digestion overall.

Allzyme Plus Can Help Your Horse Through…

  • Digestive enzymes that aid in healthy gut flora
  • Improving feed utilization
  • Adding active live yeast culture into your horses’ diet
  • Supplementing grazing with Prebiotics

Research has concluded that live yeast can reduce excess acidity in equine caeca contents, and assist in the restoration of normal gut function. This appears to affect temperament in certain horses, keeping your animal(s) simultaneously happy and healthy.

Curious to know more about creating a healthy gut flora for your horse? Feel free to contact us or find us on Facebook to stay on top of our product promotions!

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