Help Create Calm for Your Horse in 2021 with Equine Nutrition

Equine Nutrition is happy to provide our customers with products for a wide-range of horse-related health and wellness benefits.

Our Equine Supplements provide essential nutrients and antioxidants for a horses healthy immune function, hormonal balance, hoof care, as well as natural calm behavior. Which is the area we want to address; helping you to create calm for your horse in 2021 with Equine Nutrition!

Calminex is one of our products that can assist in promoting calm for your horse, which includes the following…

Tryptophan – is an important calming supplement, a precursor of serotonin, meaning it is a building block from which serotonin can be manufactured in the brain. Tryptophan has been proven to improve mood by boosting serotonin levels, which as a neurotransmitter, acts in the brain to reduce anxiety and promotes concentration, calm and relaxation.

Magnesium Oxide – has an important function in the transmission of nervous impulses. It is necessary for the activation of B vitamins, especially thiamine. A deficiency interferes with the transmission of nerve and muscle impulses causing nervousness. Magnesium is considered to be an anti-stress mineral. It functions to relax skeletal muscles as well as the smooth muscle of blood vessels and the gastrointestinal tract.

Chamomile Powder is often used as a natural calming supplement for horses. It naturally contains magnesium phosphates, calcium phosphates, potassium phosphates and flavonoids.

Calminex is a natural supplement that acts as a mild muscle relaxant, proving calming attributes and anti-inflammatory benefits, and also has an anti-diarrheal quality.
Whether you have a nervous horse that could benefit from a calming supplement overall, or your horse needs help with calming the gut down in order to assist with digestion troubles related to nervousness or hyper-tension, we can help direct you to the appropriate product for your horse.

Proper nutrition is vital for the health of your horse, and Basic Equine Nutrition has over 2-decades dealing with horse’s and their optimal function. Visit us to purchase Calminex and other horse calming supplements in Canada. We are committed to provide the equine industry with pure, pharmaceutical grade nutrients and top quality supplements and will strive to search for new and innovative products to enhance the health and performance of your horse. We look forward to serving your needs, and helping you provide calm for your horse in 2021!

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