Lung and Respiratory Support for Your Horses Health

We are living in a time where lung and respiratory concerns are literally shaping our societal norms. Add to that the current smoky haze caused from a variety of fires around the West Coast – and understand that your horse is likely now feeling the burden of this truth too.

Whether your horse is your family pet, an animal you have raised to compete at the international level, or you are a farmer who manages multiple horses; Basic Equine Nutrition believes in offering premium quality nutrition that helps your horse remain a healthy pet, a performance-based award winner, or a farm animal that produces well.

We are committed to providing the equine industry with pure, pharmaceutical grade nutrients and top quality supplements, which is where our Pulmonex product comes in to help promote and maintain optimal lung and respiratory health for your horse!

Pulmonex Respiratory Support for Your Horse

Pulmonex is a supplement program to improve impaired lung function, allergies, increase capillary strength and provide relief from coughing, wheezing and mucopurulent nasal discharge, symptoms of equine COPD (also known as heaves), as well as exercise induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH) commonly referred to as “lung bleeding”.
Offered within this Grade-A mix of nutrients is Grape Seed Extract, which protects small blood vessels in the lungs from damage to their walls. In addition, it helps to stabilize histamine release, which relieves allergy symptoms and assists in controlling bleeding of the lungs.
Other ingredients include…
• Bioflavonoids Rutin, Hesperidin Catechins Quercetin – helping to enhance the activity of Vitamin C, especially with respect to strengthening blood vessel walls and maintaining healthy capillaries.
• Vitamin C – which contributes to wound healing, helping to maintain healthy capillaries and supports the immune system.
• Bee Pollen – which is effective against a wide range of respiratory distress, relieving hay fever, bronchitis and allergies
Basic Equine Nutrition was developed by Basic Sports Nutrition and have been involved with horses for over two-decades. We are proud of our products and adore the horse community and the horses bred for a multitude of purposes within them.

We would love to play a part in ensuring your four-legged pets, athletes and farm workers have optimal respiratory function through our Pulmonex product, and are here to help you with all your horse nutrition as needed!

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