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Overall Supplement for Your Horse: Meta Support

Seeking an overall supplement for your horse? Our Meta Support supplement is an ideal choice to help your horse with a wide-range of benefits!

Overall Supplement For Your Horse

Meta Support delivers 4-essential ingredients, which include:

  • Chromium Yeast
  • Magnesium Oxide
  • Di-Calcium Phosphate
  • Brewers’ Yeast

Each one of these powerful products deliver a different benefit for your horse, which is well-worth understanding.

Chromium Yeast is the first ingredient. It is an excellent source of chromium, which helps to level out blood sugar levels, promote a normal metabolic function and assist with a positive body composition.

As shared on our supplements page…

It (Chromium Yeast) is an integral component of glucose tolerance factor in blood, which is involved with both processing glucose and keeping blood glucose levels stable. Supplementing chromium is beneficial in horses that require support to maintain normal metabolic function and a healthier body composition. It has also been shown to decrease the amount of calories that are deposited as fat, and increase lean muscle mass.

Magnesium Oxide is also a mineral contained in Meta Support. It is essential for neurological and nerve function, and promotes hoof growth, as well as supports post-workout recovery.

As shared on our supplements page…

Magnesium is one mineral that affects both insulin secretion and action. It is therefore important in glucose homeostasis; low intracellular magnesium levels result in impaired insulin function. Supplementing with Magnesium may help peripheral circulation, and reduce low chronic inflammation.

Di-Calcium Phosphate is both within Meta Support, and also offered on Basic Equine as a stand-alone horse supplement. It delivers the calcium and phosphorus your horse may be missing through their natural feed, and is known to help with relaxation, relieve upset stomachs and reduced lactic acid.

Brewers’ Yeast is the final supplement added to this ‘all-in’ one. It acts as a probiotic that enhances gut health and improves digestion. It delivers all the B complex vitamins that can help support the nervous system and maintain healthy skin, eyes and hooves.

Order this overall supplement for your horse and receive FREE deliver on any order over $150. Or, if you have any questions – send them here. We look forward to helping you manage your horse’s health!

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