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The Benefits of Biotin for Your Horse

Horse lovers across Canada have been turning to us to help them with their horse care for over two decades. This includes everything from the Benefits of Biotin for Your Horse, to supplementing with Yucca Root or Psyllium Husks – and so much more!

As mentioned on our About Page

Basic Equine Nutrition was developed by Basic Sports Nutrition, whose owners have been involved with horses for over twenty years.

There are remarkable similarities between a human athlete and a horse, particularly when they are involved in highly competitive sports. Both are consuming nutrients in far greater amounts than normal and the constant drive for success and performance inevitably leads to stress and strain on those bodies. Proper nutrition in these cases is of vital importance.

Your horse may be a family pet or may be competing at international events, in both cases, Basic Equine Nutrition believes that only the best is good enough. Our human athletes will accept nothing less than premium quality and we believe our equine athletes should also enjoy those same high standards.

Such high standards are also seen in our Biotin supplement, delivering on a wide variety of benefits – which are affordable too!

So …What are the Benefits of Biotin for Your Horse?
Biotin – overall, helps to promote and maintain healthy hooves and coats. And in our blog Understanding the Many Benefits of Biotin for Your Horse, we discuss that…

Biotin stimulates keratin production in the hoof, hoof wall, sole and frog, while improving your horse’s general appearance and luster.

Although Biotin is most known for supporting healthy hoof quality and growth, the added benefit of metabolizing fat and sugar is an important factor for horse owners.

If you horse is unable to naturally forage, our Biotin supplement is an excellent way to add in the nutritional elements they are missing.
Biotin also assists in:
– Metabolic reactions
– The transfer of carbon dioxide
– Maintaining steady blood sugar levels
– Improving exercise tolerance through sustained energy
– Enhancing mental health
– Decreasing anxiety

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We are always eager to help serve our horse community, delivering the most effective supplements to their doorstep throughout Canada!
Benefits of Biotin for Your Horse

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