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The Benefits of Pure Psyllium Husks for Your Horse in Canada

Curious about Pure Psyllium Husks for Your Horse in Canada? Unsure what the benefits are?

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Psyllium husks are one way to help manage a horse’s high risk of sand colic. Because fine dirt particles are often ingested by your horse, it puts them at risk for intestinal discomfort. Psyllium husks can greatly reduce or eliminate this issue, primarily being used to remove sand collected in the intestines.

Pure Psyllium Husks for Your Horse in Canada

Psyllium Husks - 1 kg

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Regular feeding of psyllium husks can help minimize the threat of sand colic for horses living and feeding in sandy environments or those previously susceptible to sand colic.

Pure natural Psyllium Husk is a high soluble fibre, five times that of oat bran and eight times that of wheat bran.

Psyllium is believed to work by stimulating intestinal motility and by agglutinating the sand (making it stick together) – allowing the horse to pass the sand.

What Are Psyllium Husks?

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Psyllium seed husks, commonly referred to simply as psyllium, are the outer coating of seeds from plants of the genus Plantago. They are high in soluble fiber, which form a gelatinous mass in water.

Psyllium is also useful as a prebiotic. After a few days of use, the fiber-fermenting organisms in the horse’s large bowel will adapt to using psyllium as a food source. Fermentation of psyllium in the colon increases the production of butyrate, the major source of energy for the intestinal lining cells. This can help heal inflammatory bowel disease or other lesions in the colon. Because of these effects, psyllium is often a useful addition to the diet for horses with chronic diarrhea.

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