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Three Essential Amino Acids for Your Horse: Helping to Support Their Diet, Muscle Growth & Development

Seeking ways to help support your horses diet, muscle growth and development, GI tract and overall healing? Allow us to introduce you to Amino Max – a product that offers three essential amino acids for your horse that can do exactly that!

This is a product we proudly provide for our community of horse owners, helping to ensure your stud, mare or overall herd’s optimal health is in check.

The Benefits of Amino Acids for Your Horse

As mentioned in on the Practical Horseman nutrition report for amino acids:

“Amino acids are a hot topic in today’s equine nutrition. They are the vital biological building blocks that link together in the horse’s body to create proteins, which form everything from muscle tissue to organ tissue as well as enzymes, hormones and antibodies. “Aside from water, protein is the most abundant molecule in the body,” says Middle Tennessee State University associate professor Holly Spooner, PhD. “All tissue is made from protein. But it is perhaps the most misunderstood essential nutrient.”

At Basic Equine Nutrition, we have a strong understanding of such essential nutrients. We tailor our supplements to help horse owners deliver the utmost in nutritional care throughout their growth cycles and lifespan.

Amino Max is one such supplement that aids in providing the essential benefits of amino acids. Such benefits include:

  • Aiding in muscle building and growth
  • Helping to maintain muscle mass and top line
  • Maintaining the immune system and a balanced digestion

Amino Max Extra Strength Product Description

As mentioned on our product page, Amino Max Extra Strength contains three essential Amino Acids for your horse, which include:

L-LYSINE 20 g. An essential amino acid needed for appropriate growth (muscle, blood and hoof building) and bone development. This helps with calcium absorption and maintaining proper nitrogen balance, among other benefits.

DL-METHIONINE 10 g. An essential amino acid important for the generation of energy and protein metabolization. It is one of the nutritionally required protein building blocks vital for normal metabolism and growth.

L-THREONINE 5 g. An essential amino acid which supports digestion, immune function and muscle systems. It enhances growth and food efficiency, produces adrenalin, is a precursor to thyroid hormones and optimal GI tract health.

Amino Max Extra Strength also contains Vitamin E, which is very important for your horse’s diet. It is known to provide free radical scavenging properties, among other nutritional benefits that can help your herd maintain or regain optimal health.

Curious to know more about amino acids for your horse? Feel free to contact us here. Or find us on one of our social media platforms: Facebook | Instagram to stay on top of new products or product promotions!

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