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Understanding the Many Benefits of Biotin for Your Horse

There are many benefits of Biotin for your horse. Understanding them will help you make the right decision for supplementing their diet as you see fit.

At Basic Equine Nutrition, we’re here to help ensure the optimal care of your horse’s nutrition. As mentioned on our About Page:

Your horse may be a family pet or may be competing at international events. In both cases, Basic Equine Nutrition believes that only the best is good enough. Our human athletes will accept nothing less than premium quality, and we believe our equine athletes should also enjoy those same high standards.

Which is why we put the time and effort into creating horse supplements that matter to the health and wellbeing of your pet and/or competitor!

The Benefits of Biotin for Your Horse

benefits of biotin for your horse

Biotin is a water soluble B-group vitamin that is a crucial co-factor in hoof keratination. This sulfur-containing vitamin is especially important for the maintenance of hooves. It is also significant for the health of all connective tissue structures.

Biotin stimulates keratin production in the hoof, hoof wall, sole and frog, while improving your horse’s general appearance and luster.

Although Biotin is most known for supporting healthy hoof quality and growth, the added benefit of metabolizing fat and sugar is an important factor for horse owners.

If you horse is unable to naturally forage, our Biotin supplement is an excellent way to add in the nutritional elements they are missing.

The Effects of Biotin Deficiency

Although rare, biotin deficiency can lead to brittle and even cracked hooves. Deficiencies also contribute to the overall unhealthy appearance of your horse.

As an excellent supplement for improving exercise tolerance, Biotin breaks down the way your horse expends energy more efficiently, sustaining their energy in ways that matter.

In addition, Biotin can also increase or better your horse’s mood, and decrease their anxiety.

Whether your horse suffers from anxiety due to travel and performance, or they had a previous scare leading to trauma, Biotin is excellent at keeping them level.

Also, check out our related product that can work well alongside Biotin – Hoofex. Click to learn more, or you are curious to know more about Biotin, feel free to contact us here.

We are always eager to help serve our horse community, delivering the most effective supplements to their doorstep throughout Canada!

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