Allzyme Plus


ALLZYME PLUS – Digestive Enzymes To Aid In Healthy Gut Flora And Improved Feed Utilization

Allzyme SSF (10,000 mgs per scoop) – Solid state fermentation (SSF) is a method that produces a strain of Aspergillus niger, which has been found to be beneficial to animals, when maintained in the correct balance within the gastrointestinal tract. For probiotic purposes, Aspergillus niger can help to restore and re-stabilize the micro flora in the gastrointestinal tract. Supports healthy immune system, gut flora, promotes digestion and nutrient absorption. Can also combat pathogenic bacteria, and improve overall metabolism. Also allows for more nutrients including amino acids, calcium and phosphorus to be available, and thus allows for better feed utilization.

Yea-Sacc (live yeast culture with minimum 1 billion cells per gram) (10,000mg/scoop) – Cultures that are selected for equine diets, have been shown categorically to stimulate good bacteria in the hindgut of the horse, improving digestion. Research has concluded that live yeast can reduce excess acidity in equine caecal contents, and assist in the restoration of normal gut function, which appear to affect temperament in certain horses. Yeast enhances the activity of fibre-digesting bacteria, therefore promoting a more efficient use of the vitamins and minerals. Undigested carbohydrates and excess starch can cause high acidity in the hindgut, which can reduce vitamin B formation.

Bio-Mos (mannan-oligosaccharides) (10,000mg/scoop) – This prebiotic is derived from the outer wall of yeast cells. MOS works by sticking onto pathogenic bacteria so that they cannot become attached to the wall of the gut. MOS also has a beneficial effect on the immune system of the intestinal track, as well as improving feed digestibility.

Ingredients: Allzyme SSF 10,000 mgs, Yea-Sacc 10,000 mgs, Bio-Mos 10,000 mgs

Feeding instructions: Feed 1 scoop of 30 grams once or twice daily

Allzyme Plus     1 Kg      80650
Allzyme Plus     5 Kg      80652


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