I have been using Recoverex for 10 years on my upper level horses. My top horses have competed in Grand Prix’s all over the world, as well as on many Nations Cups teams, and their joints feel terrific! I am very happy with this exceptional product!

– Jennifer Crooks

Hi there,
I recently started my horse on the Biomax HA supplement! I have searched for a supplement that would contain all the necessary ingredients and at the necessary doses for a while now and finally came across yours! I love it! It has the perfect amount of everything I need in one container.

Thanks for making such a great product! I have been telling everyone about your amazing line, and the fact that you guys are a Canadian company is even better! I am loving your products!! You guys offer a lot of items that most companies do not, and your products actually have the proper amounts to have an actual effect!

Keep up the great products! Thanks!

– Natalie, Calgary AB

I am writing to tell you about my Gelding, ‘Doc’.’ In 2012, he had been sore in one front hoof… seemed to be in his heels. He was treated for ‘infection’, and was sound, but sore off and on. He had not started saddle at this point.

Spring of 2013, he had a sore episode but once sound, I moved him to a barn, with plans of getting some rides on him. He seemed a bit foot sore, so had him shod, then did some easy ground work, and he started some easy training rides. Within 3 weeks, I knew he was hurting, with his shifting around when standing under saddle, and more sore in the usual hoof. So, home he came.

He was treated with everything anyone could suggest; X-rayed, etc. Final Vet ‘diagnosed’ Navicular Syndrome. Tissue damage. His theory was that Paint horses were more prone. He suggested taking him home, lightly Buting and riding for 3 weeks, then possibly start on hoof injection treatments.

He was too sore for anything, so I gave him Bute, off and on, to make him comfortable. About 3 weeks later, I bought some Regenerex and a tub of White willow bark powder, and started him on that, 2 times per day. After about 3 days, I noticed he was walking much happier, and finally lying down comfortably to sleep. Previously, he lay down a lot but with all 4 legs pulled in tight. He was now stretched on his side, legs extended out fully.

I kept up this treatment all summer, and he was plenty sound enough to run out in the pasture with his friends, and I rode him quietly in my arena. He has stayed sound all winter, and the plan is to move him to an Indoor, and start his training rides again.

I am keeping him on the White Willow on a low dose, and will add the Regenerex as well. I truly believed he had no future, until I started him on these products.

Wendy and Doc

Psyllium Husks from Basic Equine Nutrition

I recently purchased a pail of your Psyllium Husks, and I cannot believe how absolutely amazing it is!!

I have had my Arab gelding, Fame, for 8 years now, and have competed in endurance for most of those 8 years. Fame was very thin, and lacked a lot of muscle, when he came to me, but slowly changed and developed over the years.

I have spent tonnes of money trying to get him fat; blood work, teeth, premium grains and supplements, ulcer medication – you name it, we’ve tried it!

This fall, one of the endurance vets recommended that I try Psyllium, as Fame has always lacked muscle and weight over his top line. So, I purchased a pail.

Fame had his Psyllium for one week, and the results were outstanding. It shocked not only myself but the entire barn!!

Thank you for enabling me to help my best friend!! The photo above shows before and after two weeks of feeding the Psyllium!!!! OUTSTANDING. And yes, it is the same horse!!

Amy & Fame, Stayner, ON