DMG Pure


DMG Pure – Pure N,N-Dimethylglycine

Aids in maintenance of high energy levels. Improves oxygen-utilization in horses.

Nutritional physicians have been using Dimethylglycine to manage fatigue. They also use it to enhance blood sugar (glucose) metabolism, and to improve liver functions, and to strengthen the cardiovascular system. It increases oxygen utilization, thereby decreasing lactic acid levels under extreme stress. And, it decreases muscle fatigue and cramping.

DMG has been shown to aid transport of the oxygen that breaks down the blood sugar to fuel the ATP cycle. Research indicates that the average 1100 lb. (500 kg) horse needs 1500 mg of DMG per day. Most horsemen double or triple the dose a few days before a race or other heavy activity, without seeing any side effects.

Recommended Serving: 1 scoop daily, 5 Grams  (5cc scoop included)

INGREDIENTS: Ingredients:  100% Pure DMG (N,N-Dimethylglycine)

DMG Pure – 1 kg – 80326

Weight 1 kg


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