Marshmallow Root – the Natural Choice for Digestive Disorders in Horses

Ensuring your horse’s digestive system is functioning at its best can help in their overall wellbeing, while adding supplements for the healthy function of your horse to further benefit their regular routine of foraging for grass and grains.

Your horse’s bacterial flora and digestive flora relies on many natural elements, and when supplemented with feed – their gastrointestinal tract can become ‘backed up’. But there is a herb to help with that which we are excited to share with our horse owners!

MARSHMALLOW ROOT – a Herbal Remedy for Digestive Disorders in Horses
Marshmallow Root specifically aids in digestive disorders in horses. It contains high levels of mucilage, which is a sticky, viscous sap that – when ingested, absorbs water and other liquids, forming a protective barrier over inflamed mucous membranes. This can be very beneficial in treating horses with ulcers, as the protective coating can relieve pain and discomfort, and allow for healing.

Digestive Tract Concerns in Horses
Digestive tract concerns in horses can include such things as ulcers, which are being found within the gastric and duodenal system in horses, seemingly from a change is the feeding practices we now employ.

As mentioned, – marshmallow root helps to remove excess fluid from the digestion system, which then relieves the burning sensation from excess stomach acid, reducing ulcer discomfort.

Marshmallow root can also be useful with any digestive-related issues, as the soothing coating the mucilage creates can protect all mucous membranes within the digestive tract, delivering a cooling and healing action within the gut. This also provides a particular effectiveness for horses with constipation or diarrhea, as well as protects the aforementioned ulcers from painful gastric acids.

The age of your horse(s) can also be a cause of their digestive issues, as gastric enzymes begin to diminish in aging horses. This makes it difficult for them to digest or absorb nutrients that provide them with energy – among other health benefits.
Marshmallow root is just one of many healing, anti-inflammatory herbs that can assist with digestive concerns for your horse, and we would be happy to provide you with a list of other remedies we offer too.

Herbal remedies for horses deliver a wide-range of therapeutic help, while also preventing common digestive concerns – providing you with a gentle, effective and affordable way to care for your horse’s health!

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