Tea Tree Oil Pure


Apply pure TEA TREE OIL ( or diluted if desirable) sparingly, directly to the site of the problem: rashes, cuts, or itches. It has powerful abilities to clean and help heal wounds and skin ailments in people and animals.

Horse owners have also found a use for this versatile treatment as a fly repellent. Application around horses’ eyes, face and body, helps to repel flies.

The oil also acts as a preventative measure against infection or irritation of the skin. It is a powerful broad-range antiseptic, fungicide, and bactericide.

Directions for use: Apply pure teatree oil, or diluted if desired. For External Use Only.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Grade A, Australian Melaleuca Alternifolia ‘TeaTree’ Oil

  1. one part of pure teatree oil with 10 parts of cold-pressed oil such as olive, apricot, almond, avocado, etc.
  2. add 10 drops to an 8 oz. bottle of shampoo (human or pet)
  3. add 10 drops to bath water

Tea Tree Oil Pure – 100 ml – 80720

Weight .2 kg


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