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Show Season: Helping Your Horse Alleviate Their Stress

As we move into show season, helping your horse alleviate their stress will play an important role in how they perform.

Being ahead of the game – both physical and mental, will work in your favour, and Basic Equine Nutrition is here to help.

Whether your horse is a family pet or an international award winning mare, we believe that only the best is good enough for our customer’s horses – and they tend to agree!

Keeping Your Horse in the Game Despite Covid

Regardless of if events are currently on hold due to Covid; competitive equestrians still count the days on their calendars towards such events. Showcasing their horses is important. From skills to overall appeal, horse owners are proud and passionate, as they should be.

That being said, show horses – as with all horses, are still empathetic beings that feel anxiety and stress. Just as human’s have performance anxiety, so too do horses. And although we can’t eliminate stress entirely, there are ways to minimize your horse’s stress while keeping you and them safe and healthy in the process.

Show Season Stressors: Added Factors to Consider

There are a variety of reasons your horse may feel stressed during show season. These include:

  • Competition Transportation
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Strange Surroundings
  • High Energy Environments
  • Added Time in Enclosed Spaces

How Can We Help?

Chronic stress can cause immune function issues as well as gastric ulcerations. A horse that feels ‘off’ will also act and perform ‘off’. So preventing this from a safety standpoint alone is important.

Calminex is one of our supplements that helps to support and maintain calm behaviour. This wonder supplement contains a variety of calming ingredients to help horses stay regulated. This includes Vitamin B6; a vitamin, when deficient, results in nervousness and irritability.

Calminex is a great supplement to add to your horses’ diet during the pre-show season, getting ahead of any concerns that may arise due to added agitation.

Additional Stress Reducing Steps to Take Include…

  • Have your horse travel to locations unattached to performance
  • Stable your horse more frequently leading up to the event
  • Provide gastrointestinal support supplements
  • Offer free-range grazing opportunities
  • Create quite moments of connection

Showcasing a horse is exciting and rewarding for many horse owners and taking steps to minimize stressors and maximize health will help do so smoothly.

Let us know how Basic Equine Nutrition can help. We look forward to doing so!

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