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Spring is Coming! Invest in Chaste Tree Berry Supplements for Your ‘Soon-To-Be’ Hormonal Mares

Chaste Tree Berry Supplements – With spring just around the corner, now is the right time to get ahead of your soon-to-be hormonal mare, with our equine supplement – Chaste Tree Berries.

This natural product is excellent for a variety of ailments, while also providing many benefits too. Whether addressing Cushing’s disease, helping your horse to shed their winter coat into a healthy summer coat, supporting mood balance or ensuring optimal hormonal health in both male and female horses; this supplement is truly an all-in-one product.

So …What is the Chaste Tree Berry?

The Chaste Tree Berry is a shrub that is known to grow in the Mediterranean and in certain areas of Asia. Both the fruit and the leaves of this plant contain ingredients that help with all of the aforementioned areas of health for your horse, with little to no known side effects.

At Basic Equine Nutrition, our specific Chaste Tree Berries blend acts as a hormonal normalizer, as well as being beneficial in preparing mares for breeding while helping to regulate their season.

In addition, it aids in relieving symptoms of the normal heat cycle, alleviating tensions and irritability in mares.

Cushing’s Disease Explained

In technical terms, Cushing’s Disease is: “Hyperadrenocorticism, Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction/PPID”. In laymen’s terms, it simply means that your horse has elevated levels of prolactin, causing infertility and enlarged udders in females, or aggression in stallions of geldings.

Although Chaste Tree Berries are not a cure, this equine supplement offers a definite treatment that can help to support normal function in both male and female horses.

This equine supplement is also known to contribute in other positive ways for your horses, which includes their…
– Metabolic Health
– Energy and Stress Levels
– Hormonal Balance and Reproduction
– Coat Health, Muscle Tone and Overall Growth

Curious to know more? We would love to help you promote the healthy immune function and normal hormonal balance of your horse. Find out about our equine supplement Chaste Tree Berries, or feel free to contact us with any questions you might have!

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