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Jiaogulan for horses maintains a healthy cortisol process, by supporting the natural levels of cortisol in the equine body, known as an adaptogen. It works with the body’s natural pathways, supporting production of vascular nitric oxide, which improves blood delivery to the extremities and feet. Jiaogulan is useful to support circulation in the hooves and sensitive laminae. It also aids in support of the body’s natural repair mechanisms. It has shown benefits in EMS (Equine Metabolic Syndrome) and horses with Cushing disease (PPID). In addition, it has also shown benefits in performance horses, improving the repair of muscles, ligaments and tendons, by increasing the ability to circulate blood, and deliver its powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Ingredients: Jiaogulan (Gynostemma Pentaphyllum), Human Grade

Recommended Serving: Feed 1 scoop daily (15 Grams once daily for maintenance, and twice daily for therapeutic dose)

Jiaogulan    1 kg    80166

Weight 1 kg

1 kg – $72.00, 1 kg – $48.00. Case of 6 or more – $45 ea

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