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Understanding the Health Benefits of an Amino Acid Supplement for Your Horse

Basic Equine proudly offers Amino Max Extra Strength – an amino acid supplement for your horse that delivers many health benefits.

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“Amino acids are a hot topic in today’s equine nutrition. They are the vital biological building blocks that link together in the horse’s body to create proteins, which form everything from muscle tissue to organ tissue as well as enzymes, hormones and antibodies.

…Dr. Spooner says – ‘Quality matters more than quantity when it comes to protein in your horse’s diet—and quality is determined, in part, by which amino acids are present in his food’.”

Which is where our amino acid supplement comes in to help assist in that, filling in any gaps related to nutrition in your horse’s diet.

Amino Max Extra Strength – Amino Acid Supplement for Your Horse

Our Amino Max Extra Strength supplement contains 3-essential amino acids that support diet, muscle growth, development GI tract and healing in horses. Ingredients of which include…

–       L-LYSINE 20 g … an essential amino acid needed for appropriate growth of muscle, blood and hoof building, and bone development. It helps with calcium absorption and maintaining proper nitrogen balance

–       DL-METHIONINE 10 g … an essential amino acid important for the generation of energy and protein metabolization, and is one of the nutritionally required protein building blocks vital for normal metabolism and growth

–       L-THREONINE 5 g … an essential amino acid which supports digestion, immune function and muscle systems

–       VITAMIN E NATURAL …a vitamin source known to enhance the muscle tone and endurance in working horses and also improves circulation

If you feel your horse could benefit from added amino acids in their diet, our Amino Acid Supplement for Your Horse would be the right fit. We would be happy to answer any questions you have here – and look forward to doing so!

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