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Complete Plus HA – The Benefits of a COMPLETE Horse Supplement

Basic Equine delivers a wide-range or horse supplements for our horse-loving community across Canada. One of which being ‘Complete Plus HA’; a COMPLETE horse supplement that delivers a wide-range of benefits for your horses health.

We would, of course, love for our horses to get all their nutrients naturally – as recently wrote about…

Horses have been eating “real” food for thousands of years. Simply put, “real” food is what’s provided by nature – whole ingredients without fillers and preservatives. It’s not highly processed using high pressure or temperature techniques that reduce nutritional value and digestibility – it’s pure, unadulterated, and bioavailable.

However, when your horse is unable to get all the nutrients they need from grazing, or perhaps you don’t live in an environment that offers enough natural grazing opportunities; adding in a horse supplement can help, and Basic Equine is here to provide that help.

Complete Plus HA – The COMPLETE Horse Supplement

If you are seeking a COMPLETE supplement for your horse, Complete Plus HA offers exactly that. Delivering a host of beneficial ingredients – some of which include:

• Lysine & Methionine
• Glutamine
• Biotin
• Yea Sacc
• Milled Flax Seed
• Natural Vitamin E
• Calcium Citrate & Magnesium Oxide

Complete Plus HA also contains MSM, which contributes to healthy joints. As well as 100mg per serving of Hyaluronic Acid – a component of collagen, just to name a few of this supplements’ ‘all-in-one’ ingredients and benefits.

Feel as though your horse is able to get all the nutrients they need naturally, but struggling with the summer heat? We have a supplement for that too!

Beat the Summer Heat: Electrolyte Supplement for Your Horse

Did you also know there are also a variety of benefits of an Electrolyte Supplement for Your Horse? As mentioned in a previous blog post…

Electrolyte supplements are often seen as a product for high-output horses. However, a horse sweating in the hot sun for long periods of time, or that performs in a manner that causes them to sweat excessively, is at risk for losing critical minerals. Such a loss can lead to fatigue, muscle aches, psychological concerns – including exhaustion, and more.

Whether you feel your horse is in need of added nutrient supplement support, or adding in electrolytes could help – we’re here to assist you in any way we can!

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